Ultimate 2.0

The Ultimate 2.0 is an advanced programmable robot kit comprising more than 550 mechanical parts and electronic modules for 10 custom robots and many more maker projects. Compatible with the maker platform and Arduino, the kit lets your imagination take flight. The sky really is the only limit! Ideal for robot enthusiasts, build exciting projects with this kit and experience the joy of turning your ideas into reality.

Mainboard MegaPi with powerful drive capability

Empowering creativity

Equipped with the powerful MegaPi main control board, Ultimate 2.0 makes the implementation of high-order functions a piece of cake. Think: synchronous drive and control of multiple motors and servos, sensor reading, Raspberry Pi communication and connection to high-power encoder motor driver boards. MegaPi has excellent motion control performance and is easily expanded, allowing you to build robots capable of carrying out complex functions like 3D printing, or even more difficult applications. With it, the door to the world of Making stands wide open for you.

MegaPi has a strong motor-driving ability which is capable of driving 10 servos or 8 DC motors simultaneously. It is an ideal option for various robotic projects.

Ultimate 2.0 supports all of the various electronic components of the Makeblock RJ25 platform. You can purchase additional sensors and motor servos for more upgrades, allowing you to expand your ideas and further explore the Maker’s world. For example, a 3D printer, a retro phonograph, or other complex elements of robotics.


Industrial grade aluminum alloy parts

Safe, durable and easy to us

Most of the parts of Ultimate 2.0 are made of high-strength aluminum alloy. This makes the material light, strong and durable. The anodizing dyeing process is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and both enhance their appearance and prolongs their lifespan. Ultimate 2.0 has a standardized interface compatible with other building bricks, maker platforms, and industry-standard parts, which means you can use it to build quasi-industrial projects.


Part List


Q1. Why doesn’t the robot work after powered on? The main board suddenly restarts when I try to drive motors.

a. The robot might be running out of battery. Please charge the batteries or use new batteries. (Note: Please use batteries with low internal resistance which can supply enough power for the robot.)
b. Make sure you’ve downloaded related program or firmware for the robot. Otherwise, it won’t be running.
c. Please check if the motors on the robot are wired correctly.

Q2. When I try to turn the robot to the left, it turns to the right. Why and how to fix this problem?

You may need to switch the order of two wires (Port 1, Port 2) to correct the rotation direction.

Q3. Why there is noise after I got the robot tank running?

a. Please check if the driven wheels are correctly installed.
b. Please adjust the bearings of the driven wheel to make sure they are not too tight or too loose.
c. Please make sure encoder disk and the interface of the photoelectric switch are separated from each other.

Q4. Why can’t I connect the app with the robot via Bluetooth?

a. Please visit learn.makeblock.com/c to check if your smartphone is compatible with the app.
b. Please try restarting the app or reset the main control board on the robot.