Robot Motion Pack-Blue


Makeblock Socket Cap Screw will be replaced by Button Head Socket Cap Screw gradually, and the tool HEX Screwdriver 3mm will be replaced by HEX Screwdriver 2.5mm. 

Button Head Socket Cap Screw is a new kind of Socket Cap Screw, it has smaller head that can solve most problem of interfere with other components.

This Kit contains frequently-used parts in  building motion mechanisms.

Part List:

4x Link Rod
2x Shaft Connector-4
2x Timing Pulley18T
2x Timing Pulley 66T
2x Timing Pulley 90T
4x Timing Pulley Slice 90T
2x Timing Belt 123T
1x Timing Belt 216T
4x Threaded Shaft 4x39mm
4x Shaft Collar 4mm
10x Flange Bearing 4x8x3mm
24x Socket Cap Screw M4x14
12x Nut M4
8x Headless Set Screw M3x5
8x Plastic Rivet R4120
16x Plastic Ring 4x7x2mm