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Software Learning + Hardware Creation — the fun way to learn about programmin



Programming as simple as playing blocks

Hot on the heels of Scratch3.0, mBlock features many powerful functions and promises truckload of experience; programming is as simple as assembling building blocks – anyone who reads can learn to programme. We also structure the learning process in a series of games of different levels, making programming full of fun while children progress through these games.


Switch to Python with one click for advanced programming learning

Python is a programming language widely used at the forefront of technological advances such as AI and data analysis. Using mBlock software to learn a more advanced programming language, children can either directly code in Python or switch their written block-based program into Python


Home creation made simple even for a child with IoT technology

With built-in Wi-Fi, Codey Rocky quickly connects to the Cloud, realizing its IoT functionality. Through coding, Codey Rocky allows children to obtain data on the weather and make forecasts; and in conjunction with IFTTT, they can even automate smart tasks such as sending SMS messages. Children can also transform Codey Rocky into a wearable device, allowing them to make further strides in science projects and realizing even more IoT applications


Know your Codey Rocky through its technical details.

Product    Codey Rocky

Product properties      Smart Robot for Beginner Coding and AI Learning

Age                    6+

Assembly needed?           No

Main Control Board/ Chip           ESP32 Chip

Programmable Modules            LED Display, Speaker, RGB LED Indicator, Buttons, Gear Knob, Voice Sensor, Light Sensor, 6-axis Gyroscope and Accelerometer, IR Transmitter, IR Receiver, Color Infrared Sensor, DC Geared Motor

Intelligent functionalities            Follow lines, intelligent avoidance of obstacles, chasing light, automatic anti-drop adjustment, color recognition, somatosensory remote control, infrared communication

AI ready?           Yes

IoT ready?           Yes

Connectivity           Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / USB

Compatibility         Compatible with Makeblock Neuron and Lego bricks

Add-on Pack          No

Power Supply         950mAh lithium battery

Dimensions             102 × 95.4 × 103mm(L × W × H)

Weight                     295g